Give a New Twist to Old Dresses

Give a New Twist to Old Dresses

We’ve all been there - a wardrobe packed full of clothes, fighting for space, tumbling out every time the door is opened, and yet when we need a great outfit for an important date or an impromptu plan with our friends, we find that we have nothing to wear! Shopping for clothes has become as easy as clicking a few buttons, and we’re all guilty of utilising this comfort to the fullest. But even though our appetite for clothes is insatiable, every wardrobe and house has a physical limit that just cannot be surpassed. So we find ourselves in a fix - we would like to keep on refreshing our look, but can’t throw away the existing stock every time it’s sale season, especially when most of our favourite dresses are used only a few times.

So what’s the best way to deal with this constant inner battle between the shopaholic fashionista and the thrifty, space-constrained, environmentally-conscious persona that’s hidden somewhere in the deepest depths of our psyche?

The answer - accessorising hacks that can give a whole new look to the good old dresses! 

So the next time you’re worried about being called out for wearing the same dress twice with the same set of friends, remember 3 things -

  1. Repeating clothes is a matter of pride, not shame, because it’s good for the environment

  2. It’s good for the wallet too

  3. No one has to know it’s the same dress. How’s that you ask? Read on to find out. 

Belts are a much-ignored accessory that can work wonders for your overall look. Long seen as a ‘male accessory’ (because poor men should also have something, right?), or a necessity to keep sagging pants in place, belts are finally getting their rightful place under the sun, and it’s not your usual “15 minutes of fame” scenario - we are betting big on belts. Fashion lovers, read carefully - belts are here to stay!

Take any dress - short, mid-length or maxi. And take any style - solid or prints or whatnot. Now take a look at some of the best belt styles from Haute Sauce by Campus Sutra that will not only elevate but completely renew your look from ‘girl next door’ to ‘Parisian chic’ in a minute!



This black & white printed belt with a large buckle is just perfect to slay at work. Wear it over any solid dress to get a structured, ‘I mean business’ look. Remember the cardinal rule of fashion - never mix prints with more prints (unless you are Ranveer Singh)!



Make a bold statement with this hot belt in sizzling red. Pair it with a black dress for an evening date, or a dress in more neutral shades such a white or cream for a day outing. Don’t forget to match your shoes to your belt, ladies! Hot tip - red pumps never disappoint. 




If you’re a fan of the medieval waist cincher a.k.a. the famous corset and would like to emulate it to look petite and uber feminine, then check out this European royalty corset-inspired black belt from Haute Sauce.  Wear it over a long white dress with puffed sleeves to get the full old-timey look, or pair it with a contemporary short dress to feel chic and sexy.




Party in style by infusing some animal spirit into your favourite dress. This leopard-print belt will go best with your favourite party outfits in solid hues. Pair it with ankle-length boots for a classy look.



We go back in time again to rediscover lace - that soft, feminine fabric which is generally associated with more intimate clothing items nowadays. But why hide it when you can flaunt it, right? Give your old dresses a Victorian twist with this beautiful lacey belt in white. Wear it over dark hued dresses to get a contrast, or go with the classic white-on-light look to look and feel like English royalty.




If bling is your thing then you’ve come to the right place. This gold-toned chain-style belt will add a large dose of glamour to any outfit and get your party-ready in minutes. Or you can pair it with a classic white dress for a more sophisticated day-time event.



This is for the young ones (or the young at heart) who like to experiment with fun colours and new designs. Pair this casual yellow belt with any dress to add a dash of brightness and fun to your look.


With so many great choices, Haute Sauce is here to ensure that you are never short of fresh new looks even with the same old clothes. So start mixing and matching your all-time favourites with our bestselling belts to create stunning new looks. Happy shopping!