Celebrating Our Fling With The Sling

Celebrating Our Fling With The Sling

We ladies are notorious for always carrying our entire world with us perched on our shoulders. Whether we’re going to classes or work, we stuff our bags with every possible thing that we might need for the day. And don’t even let us get started about packing for a vacation! 

Not that women are high-maintenance; we just believe in multitasking and putting our best foot forward while at it! So it becomes necessary to carry large bags most of the time.

But there are those easy-breezy days when we can just pick up our phone, keys and credit cards and head out the door without much hassle. Think movie nights, Sunday brunches, dinner dates and other such leisurely activities that we look forward to all week. When we are out for fun, we don’t want to be burdened with heavy baggage. 

And that’s why we love our sling bags so much. Perfect for parties or casual get-togethers, sling bags come in a variety of fun shapes, sizes and colours - oh, the colours! 

Sling bags are a gorgeous accessory to not only uplift your outfit but also make sure you have all your essentials with you all the time. And they are light and small enough to hop from one place to another as you effortlessly navigate your busy social calendar. 

To celebrate our fling with the sling, we have handpicked some of our best sling bags from Haute Sauce so that you have plenty of choices for any occasion.




This lovely sling bag featuring a black-and-white geometric pattern has a metallic strap and gives off a very glamorous yet timeless vibe. We can picture it on the delicate arm of a damsel from the fashionable fifties as easily as being carried by a young and confident 21st-century woman. 




Black is bold and black is beautiful. The classic black handbag is an ultimate fashion accessory, and sling bags are no different. This gorgeous black sling bag is great for formal occasions like important meetings and conferences, but it will also not look out of place at a party or dinner date. Keep the look classy by pairing it with a well-fitting dress (ideally in black or other dark hues) and classic black pumps. 




If at your nxt big gala you want to leave onlookers green with envy, then this stunning sling bag in green is just the right piece for you. It is peppy and chic, and the metallic strap lends it extra glamour. But our favourite part is the green colour that simply pops and catches the eye at every moment.




Pastel shades are big this season. They provide a welcome relief against the scorching heat of the summer. And they are especially great to flaunt during the daytime. This pretty sling bag in pastel blue and white is the right pick for a fun day out with your friends or family.




Colour-block is all the rage and that applies to handbags as well. This stylish colour-blocked sling bag has green and off-white hues and is a great choice for a casual outing during the day. 




The brown bag is almost as big a classic as the black handbag. This stunning sling bag in brown has a metallic strap to match the metal closure. It gives off an old-world vibe which is perfect for a fancy dinner date or a late-night party.




Our love affair with pastel shades continues with this gorgeous purple number. It looks delicate, soothing and uber feminine. Pair it with your favourite floral dress for a breakfast date with your besties to look like a million bucks. 




We keep coming back to green because it is the hottest shade this season. This beautiful bag tastefully combines the shades of green, brown and white to give an earthy and charming look which is great for both casual and formal occasions. Pair it with a solid top and white trousers or your favourite solid dress in any light shade for the best effect.


With so many dazzling designs to choose from, Haute Sauce makes sure you have the perfect sling bag for any occasion. Go ahead and grab all your favourite pieces before they are gone!