Spice Up Your V-Day Look With These Date Night Essentials

Spice Up Your V-Day Look With These Date Night Essentials

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The season of love is just around the corner - you can almost smell it in the air (if you’re lucky enough to live in a place that has escaped the smog season that is!) As the seasons turn and the days get longer, there’s optimism and romance all around. The month of February is of course most notable for the festival of love - Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re in a stable relationship or in the exciting phase of looking for love, V-Day is bound to be a significant occasion in your calendar. 

So how do you prepare for this special day? Step one is to have a date. Easy-peasy! Step two is finding the right dating spot. This is all about the vibe you enjoy. Are you into clubbing or is fine dining more to your taste? We suggest you finalize this and book a table well in advance to beat the last-minute rush. 

Now that the basics are sorted, it’s time for the most important thing - your look for the evening! Because Valentine’s Day is all about love and romance, it calls for putting your best foot forward and splashing on a generous dose of glam. And here’s a tip from Team Haute Sauce - accessories are the key to a successful look!

With that in mind, check out some of our best pieces curated by our team to add glamor and charm to your Valentine’s Day look. Scroll down to find out! 


No look is ever complete without the perfect handbag. Now for Valentine’s Day, you want to keep it light. No one wants to go on a romantic dinner while lugging around an oversized bag! Go small and glam, is our advice. This petite handbag in a delicate and feminine shade of lavender is an eye-catching companion to any outfit. Small enough to fit in the essentials, it’s also a style statement in itself. 


There’s no glam without a heady dose of bling! Pro tip - jewelry is too commonplace. How about letting your wrist grab some attention? This stunning bejeweled watch from Haute Sauce is designed to inspire envy and awe. It’ll be the perfect accessory to finish off your Valentine’s Day look.


Longer days mean more sun. and if you have a day date, say, over brunch or lunch, or simply a sweet little coffee date owing to a paucity of time, worry not! Daytime dates offer even more opportunities to step up your glam game. Start with these uber-stylish oversized sunglasses to establish your credentials as a fashionista. 


Valentine’s Day falls in the perfect month - that sweet spot when the temperature is just right to experiment with different styles. And there’s nothing bolder or more eye-catching than a trendy cap to complete your Valentine’s Day look. Whether you’re opting for a short summer dress or planning to sport a pair of jeans with a top, this cap will be a neat finisher for different kinds of looks. 


If you plan to dress up for Valentine’s Day, we say that’s a great idea. Because this is the day to go all-out on your glam quotient. But simply putting on a dress won’t cut it. Special occasions call for special touches, so we present to you this blingy belt that will highlight your curves and add a touch of sparkle to your look.


If you think your short dress might be too casual for that elite fine-dining restaurant that you selected, then help is at hand! Adding stockings to a dress instantly elevates the style and sophistication level of the look. 


So ladies, don’t waste time and start putting together your Valentine’s Day look pronto! With a bit of care and some thoughtful touches, you can really stand out from the crowd. The secret sauce is to make your Valentine’s Day date extra memorable with Haute Sauce. Happy shopping!